Investment Casting

The lost wax investment castings process dates back thousands of years and today is highly regarded as a precision casting process that provides greater design flexibility and significant cost advantages. At Richwood Investment Castings, our investment casting process models this same lost wax process. We take great pride in providing Quality Parts with On Time Delivery while offering the Right Price.

Here is how the process works:

1. An aluminum tool is filled with wax and a wax part is produced for every piece that is required.  

2. The wax parts are attached to the spruce or gate    system.

3. A ceramic shell is built around the parts or spruce. 

4. The wax is removed from the ceramic shell.

5. The shell is filled with molten metal.

6. The ceramic shell is removed from the new metal parts. 

7. The metal parts are removed from the spruce or gate system.  

8. Any required finishing operations are available: Tooling, Tapping, Drilling, Machining, Heat Treating, Painting, NDT Testing.